Tuesday, September 25, 2012

crochet baby hat

Crochet Baby hat! 
It took me 4 hours to make all of this, Sending it out soon to my sister! I CANT WAIT TO SEE MY NIECE IN THIS :)
Medium sized flower:
1. Magic circle, ch 2 , 11 hdc in circle then pull tight, sl st in to top of ch 2
2. ch 4, *skip next hdc and sl st into the following hdc, ch 4* repeat till end. sl st into ch 1 of ch4 space. (6 ch 4 spaces
3. sc into first ch space   [,hdc, 2 dc, hdc sc] in ch 4 sp [sc, hdc, 2dc, hdc, sc] in the following repeat all the way around then sl st in to sc and finish off. 
** I am a beginner at this still so if you have any comments or suggestions please let me know. thanks so much**  

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