Monday, December 2, 2013

A "perfect" basic pattern for hats!

I have been on a hunt for a great pattern that looks good as a "all around" hat (like a ear flap hat, beanie, monster hat, really anything). So i was looking on pintrest 'of course' and i came across this puppy dog pattern. It has ALL the different sizes you need! In this picture you see is the hat i am doing, there is no ear flaps on it since its just a beanie.
Any ways i just wanted to share this pattern with you all there should be a link below if not just let me know and i will try to post it again. Happy crocheting!!
Everyone needs a little puppy love this Valentine's Day. This crochet puppy hat is a FREE pattern av... -

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Sock monkey hat and mittens!

Im Pretty happy about this one :)

I am happy to finally get a chance to try these mittens! Ive seen these on Pintrest before but never really put any thought into it.... UNTIL NOW! As times are a little hard right now with Christmas coming up and not having any spare change, I thought we needed a new christmas tree (since I didnt like how our old raggedy one looked) I found this tree on craigslist so i made a deal with the lady. She needed a hat and mittens for her grandson and I needed the christmas tree that she had posted. Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to meet up and trade. I hope that her 2 year old grandson likes it because i know my kids thought it was cool!
Anyways on to the pattern that I got (click the text) is HERE! But they where solid colors and i just tweeked it in to my own creation.. 
These are the toddler size mittens:
* I joined with white at the 7th round (past the thumb whole)
* I ran 2 rounds of white
* I joined with red and finished it off

* magic circle, ch 1, 6 sc in circle and pull tight. make 2
I usually cut the piece of yarn a little longer because thats what I use to sew them on (on all of my projects)

* with white, ch 6. sc in 2nd ch from hook and down to last st (this is where i joined the red)
* with red, ch 1, 3 sc in first st, sc in next 5 st, 3 sc in following then sc in rest of st. join  

BAM a simple sock monkey hat and mittens!!
enjoy :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A few of the things i have been working on lately!

These where last years few project i did and found in my phone. lots more to take pics of :) some of these patterns i found on pintrest, there under my crochet board! *Heather 

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Found this amazing FREE slouchy beanie pattern! Go to the link below to get the FREE pattern. :) took me yesterday to do it. Im going to be doing another one for my sister. And an infinite scarf in a egg shell white.
Sorry its taken so long to post but its been crazy busy around here.

Monday, August 19, 2013

No posts lately, sorry.

Its been such a crazy summer and i havent done much crocheting. Ive been super busy keeping my two babys entertained while there brothers where with there mother. Soon tho, i will be starting new projects. I think i have found a partner in crime to crochet with me (kind of)! We have came up with a plan for next summer (hopefully) but im not going to say just yet because i dont want to jinks myself!
For thoes that are following me and reading my posts i am sorry that its been moving slowly. Im trying to work on something and ill hopefully have it done soon.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

a few projects that ive been busy doing....

top: 0-3 month dress for baby girl

 flower vs no flower.... safe to say the flower won!
This order was for my beautiful sister and a few of her friends! im so happy with how they all turned out :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Homemade chalk board paint!!!! $10 or less!!!!

Homemade chalk board paint!
I dont know about the rest of you but I have always thought that chalk board paint was awesome.... but.... I was NOT going to spend $20 on a little can of it. So after doing some research I found an AWESOME recipe with the paint, grout and brushes I spent a total of $5.60 YES you herd me right $5.60!! I wanted to test it out before I did any big projects so what I did was grabbed a old cookie sheet that I wasn't going to miss and I mixed up the ingredients, this was so easy and would be fun for kids to do. especially if you had them help you paint your wall or what ever. The possibilities are endless!  

2 T- White dry non-sanded grout (the smallest that I found was 1 lb and I paid $2.69)
1/4 cup and about 2T- of acrylic paint. ANY COLOR! (I bought the 2 fl oz bottles I used a whole one and 1/4 of the second. I paid $1.14 for both bottles)
a sponge brush ($.99 for a pack of 4)

Put the grout in a mixing dish (I used a old measuring cup) and then added the paint, mix well with a mixing stick or i used a plastic knife and i thought it worked just as good. Mix for a couple minutes making sure there are no lumps in the mixture left. then paint the item or wall that you want. You will have to do 2 or 3 coats (how ever many you think is necessary)
Once it is all dry you will have to prop the surface by rubbing a piece of chalk across the whole board. I suggest you turn it on its side and do it that way. 

* please note: this batch only makes a little over a quarter cup so if you need more then that I suggest to double or quadrupedal the batch. Also: make sure that you get the WHITE DRY NON-SANDED GROUT and you will not need no more then a 1 lb container unless if you are planing to paint your whole entire house =) 
If you have any questions or comments feel free to comment below 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My beautiful niece wearing the hat and booties

She is so beautiful and wears it well :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yummy treats for Valentines day!

I seen this on pintrest and thought I'd give it a shot for my kids school Valentines. SO EASY!
All you need:
A package of  waffers (i used strawberry since it's Valentines)
Some melting chocolates (i used pink)
Wax paper
Microwave safe container (i used a coffee cup and soon it seemed to work best for me)
A container or baggies to put them in
Melt the melting chocolates, while that is going lay out you're wax paper. After chocolates are melted dip the wafers in the chocolate and lay or on the wax paper. Sprinkle the sprinkles on and thereyou have it :) enjoy!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Pattern for Crocodile slippers

Crocodile Slippers!!
alright so i worked pretty hard on these slippers and in this pic theres 2 different ones (i know) I had asked on my facebook page which one looked better.... but after a long night and day (of very little sleep) this is what I came up with. My sister was looking at the crocodile stitch for baby botties and I tried but i didnt really like what it looked like so I tried this in my size, and I actually like it. I tried to ask my boyfriend which one he liked more and he said they were goofy.... I LIKE THEM ANYWAYS! 
I am posting the pattern i made *just a reminder* I was really tired when I wrote the pattern and also this is the first time that i EVER wrote a pattern like this!! 
If your having a problem with it you are more then welcome to leave me a comment or email me :) 

These links are for some of the stitches listed in the pattern if you have problems with them.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Slippers, finished!!

They Are FINISHED!! I made 2 different ones but made the same way. Im finishing up my pattern. (I made it Myself) I cant wait to share what I did :) 

crocodile stitch slippers for adult!

Im so excited about these. Im finishing the other slipper and writing out my pattern as i am doing it but I WILL be posting my pattern very VERY soon! :D

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

tonight's dinner Goulash (with recipe)

Goulosh - Brown Ground Beef (about 1- 1.5 lbs) with garlic salt, pepper, a few splashes of Worcestershire sauce and 1/2 of a chopped onion. Add can of Rotel tomatoes (with green chilies), can of corn, and cooked noodles (3 cups). Continue cooking to heat through. Put in 9x13 dish and sprinkle with sharp cheddar cheese. Bake 350 for 25 min. Serve with a little sour cream and salsa.
I found this recipe all the ( ) is what I did instead
* Brown 1- 1 1/2 lbs of Hamburger (I used 2lbs), season with garlic salt, pepper, a few splashes of Worcestershire sauce and 1/2 onion finely chopped (or some onion powder).
* Boil water and cook your noodles (about 3 cups after there cooked)
* when done add rotel tomatoes with green chili's (or Rotel tomatoes chili ready) and a can of corn (I did not use this) to the noodles and ground beef. continue cooking to heat through, put in a 9 x 13 dish (or casserole dish) and sprinkle with sharp cheddar cheese.
* Bake at 350 for 20 minutes or untill cheese is a nice golden brown
   After done you can put sour cream on top with salsa

My kids really liked this they said "this homemade goulash is awesome" so I guess it was a hit for them, but then Mike wasn't a big fan of it (he dose not like chunks of tomatoes and I don't care for them to much either). I thought this was a nice twist on the "regular" goulash; I get tired of the plain-ness of it. So in this recipe I used the tomato's that where chili ready, i think it gives it a bit of a kick :) but I also didn't like the idea of the corn in it *yuck* maybe some chili beans or kidney beans?!?!
Like I said I thought it was pretty good, Let me know how it turned out or what you did different .... Enjoy

My 3hr slouchy beanie!

I needed a blue hat to go with this scarf that I made ages ago, so I found this slouchy beanie pattern and it was SO EASY! It took me about 3 hours to do, so simple a beginner could do it! 

This link below is the link where I found this hat pattern I made a few adjustments so it would fit my head better.  

I repeated this row below twice:
"Ch 1. *work 1 dc in each of the next 8 stitches. DC2tog  the next 2 stitches* repeat from * to * join with a sl st to the first dc. " 

I worked four rows of the following
 " Ch 1. work 1 sc in each stitch around. " 

The knotted updo

Pineapple Doily :)

I just finished this doily up, I love the red that I used. follow the link below to get the Free Pattern! 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Are you a couponer? Check this shopping list out!

All right so having a family of 6 and only one income I started couponing to save as much money as possible. Dont get me wrong im not an "extreme couponer" but I have learned how to save quite a bit. With a family of 6 we would spend about 700 to 800 on grocery's a month and well I think I have got our bill down to about 500 to 600 a month and that is getting just about all name brand.
Anyways, I have been looking all over the internet for a shopping list that I can also use for my coupons too. Well needless to say I couldn't find one that I really liked so I came up with my own. I used it this weekend when I went shopping (while having 4 kids with me ages 3 to 8, I was quite nervous) actually it worked pretty good. I printed it on front and back since I had to shop at 2 different stores and had 3 different transactions.
So I thought I would post this so if you could use it then you can print mine off. So ENJOY!
Click on the link below :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

baby booties

Baby slippers :) this is just a rough draft i will post the pattern when i get it it perfect! love theooks of it