Friday, January 18, 2013

Pattern for Crocodile slippers

Crocodile Slippers!!
alright so i worked pretty hard on these slippers and in this pic theres 2 different ones (i know) I had asked on my facebook page which one looked better.... but after a long night and day (of very little sleep) this is what I came up with. My sister was looking at the crocodile stitch for baby botties and I tried but i didnt really like what it looked like so I tried this in my size, and I actually like it. I tried to ask my boyfriend which one he liked more and he said they were goofy.... I LIKE THEM ANYWAYS! 
I am posting the pattern i made *just a reminder* I was really tired when I wrote the pattern and also this is the first time that i EVER wrote a pattern like this!! 
If your having a problem with it you are more then welcome to leave me a comment or email me :) 

These links are for some of the stitches listed in the pattern if you have problems with them.

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