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FREE Cowboy bootie pattern

    After someone asked me if i could make newborn cowboy boots for her soon to be daughter, i was on a mission. I spent a whole day searching for a pattern (free pattern). I was coming up with nothing or coming up with some i didn't care for. So I started thinking i could take some of what I saw and make my own.
    I spent a whole day writing, crocheting, pulling my stitches out, erasing and re writing. It was frustrating but I wanted to get it done. I like my finished product, and I hope you do to.
Since I am still trying to figure out how to write my patterns so others can actually read them, feel free to add comments if you have questions, or you can email me and i will correct it.
    Below there are many different sizes but they all where made with just 3 hooks, I just wanted to give everyone that option to make them a bit bigger or a bit smaller and all the sizes that I came up with are in the () and I also have a link to a foot sizing chart that I had looked at and is pinned on my pinterest that I checked for a reference. 

    Feel free to share this pattern! You can sell items that you make, but please to claim this pattern as your own. Thanks so much

!!Free Crochet Cowboy Booties!!

the picture above are all the different size of soles you
could make. The first group (on the right, the smaller size)
was made with the E hook and 
Hooks used:
**the () are the different size, if you have a baby handy you can measure there foot and find the right size, I wanted to give options to the different sizes. the chart i used for shoe size is here if you need a reference here. I think the sizes are a bit off, so I made smaller sole sizes that would fit preemies too.     
E: (3 1/4 in), (3 1/2in), (3 3/4)in 
F: (3 1/2in), (3 3/4in), (4in)
G: (3 3/4in), (4in), (4 1/2in)

Yarn I used : Red Heart (A) camo;
                      Red Heart (B) Pink 
sc: single crochet                                                  blo: back loop only
hdc: half double crochet                                       sc3tog: single crochet 3 together
dc: double crochet                                                sc2tog: single crochet 2 together
ch: chain                                                                 hdc2tog: half double crochet 2 together
slst: slip stitch                                                        dc2tog: double crochet 2 together
Join: always join to first st in the row you just worked.
When starting your first st i always start in the same st I joined in.

1. With color A ch (10, 12, 14), sc in 2nd chain from hook, sc in next (5,7,9), hdc in next, 2hdc in next ch sp, 5hdc in last ch sp, working down other side of chain (the starting ch), 2hdc in next sp then hdc in following ch sp, sc in next (5,7,9) sp, 2sc in last sp. Join, ch 1
2. 2sc in first sc (in joining st), sc in next (8,10,12) sts, *2sc in next st , 1 st in following* total 3 times, sc in next (8,9,11) st, 2 sc in next and 1 st in last st. join, ch 1
3. 2 sc in same sp as joining, sc in next (9,11,13), *2 sc in next sp, sc in following* for a total of 4 times, sc in next (9,11,13) sts, then 2 sc in nexr and sc in following. join, ch 1
4. sl st in wrong side of sole all the way around.
5. ch 1, sc in same sp, sc in each slst around. (37,39,43) fasten off. (this is the first round of the boot)
6. with color B  join in the middle part of heal, ch 1, sc in blo all the way around. join. ch 1 
  (I dressed the boot up with a slst all the way around the boot where we sc and slst in the round before)
7. sc in next (12,14,16) sts, hdc2tog, *dc2tog* 5 times, hdc2tog, sc in next (11,13,15), join. ch 1.
8. sc in next (11,13,15), *sc2tog* 2 times, sc in next 2 sts, *sc2tog* 2 times, sc in last (10,12,14) sts. join. ch 1
9. sc in next (10,12,14) sts, *sc2tog* 4 times, then sc in last (8,10,12) sts. join. ch 1
10. hdc in the next (8,9,10) sts, sc3tog, sc in next (4,5,6), hdc in last (4,5,6). join. fasten off.

(this is what it looks like at this point)
Top part of boot
11. with color A join in middle of back part of boot, this round is going to be worked in the back loops. sc in next (8,10,12) sc2tog, sc in last (7,9,11). join. ch 1
12. sc in each st (for larger pair sc2tog in toe area) (20,22,24)
13-14. sc in each st around. (20,22,24) 
15. 2sc in next st, sc in next (10,11,12), 2 sc in next, sc in last (8,9,10). join. ch 1
16-18. sc in each st (22,24,26). join. ch 1
19. sc in next (3,4,5), hdc2tog, hdc in next, in next st 5 dc, hdc in next, hdc2tog, sc in following (4,5,6), hdc in next st, in next st make 5 dc, hdc in next, hdc2tog, sc in last (1,2,3) sts. join. fasten off 
20. with color B, sc in blo in each st around BUT put 2 sc in both the 2nd and 3rd dc in previous round (on both sides)
(this is what the boot should look like before you put 
the heal on it and that is always optional!)
*If you want to "dress" it up a bit you could always try different techniques. in the picture above i did a "zig zag" kinda stitch. what I did was a slst between the last round was finished and the round before that, up and down. feel free to try anything or leave it the way it was*

The Heal:
* center (10,12,14) st for the heal. ch 1 turn
* slst on the inside of the row you just made. 
* sc2tog* all the way around on the bottom loop of slst that was just done.
* sc2tog* like above till you cant sc2tog anymore. leave a long tail and fasten off. 
*sew the opening closed  
* I tried something with this above and this would be for more experienced crocheters. Ill explain a little of what I did and if you want to attempt it be my guest, if it dont work out then just use the directions above.
i sc in first bl but keeping both loops on hook and through out, hdc (keeping all 3 loops on hook) in next 2, dc (pull through two loops that where made, leaving 1 loop on hook from dc) in next 2, hdc (like before) in next 2 loops, sc in last loop, but this time pull through all loops on hook.   
the picture on the right is what the heal should look like if you used the first pattern. 

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