Friday, September 19, 2014

Stretchy Boot Cuff Pattern (Free) Adult Sm, Med, Lg Sizes

I am still ALIVE!! LOL. Really tho, I have been so busy for these last few weeks I haven’t really had a chance to crochet and quite frankly I miss it. With the winter months approaching I have A LOT of work to do and I don't know when I will find time. I have been trying to kick this illness that has struck me for the last week.. I am now just a cougher (I swear I should have great abs by the time I kick it for good). It took me a good couple of days to construct this pattern and write it. I was struggling to finish this one with how awful I was feeling. But I got it finished with 3 different sizes. This pattern has not been tested so if there are flaws please let me know and I will fix them :) remember Share this free pattern with others and link back to my blog! Thanks for looking and ENJOY! (the link below is to the pattern on my drive, easier printing)

Stretchy Boot Cuff Pattern
(Adult sizes, small, medium, large)


Materials used:
size H hook
needle (for tieing in ends)
worsted weight yarn

Stitches used
sc: single crochet
dc: double crochet

Special notes:
Join: always join to first STITCH not the ch in each round.

Rnd 1. ch (42,44,46), join to form a circle *careful not to twist the chain*

Rnd 2. Ch 1, sc in same sp as join, sc in each ch sp. Join. (42,44,46)

Rnd 3. Ch 2, dc in same sp as ch 2, [sk 1 sp, 2 dc in next] repeat around. Join. sl st to space between groups of 2 dc.

Rnd 4-10. Ch 2, dc in same sp as ch 2, [sk dc group, 2 dc in sp] repeat around. join.

Rnd 11. ch 1, sc in each dc. Change color and join.
Rnd 12. ch 1, hdc in same sp as join and every st throughout. Join.

Rnd 13-16. ch 2, [fpdc in first st, bpdc in next] repeat around. Join.

Rnd 17. Ch 1, [fphdc around fpdc, bphdc around bpdc] repeat around. Join and fasten off.

Bottom of boot cuff
Rnd 1. Join to any ch sp on opposite side that you were previously working on (bottom of boot cuff/starting ch), ch 1, sc in same sp as ch 1 and throughout each ch sp, join.

Rnd 2. Ch 1, [fphdc in first st, bphdc in next] repeat around. Join.

Rnd 3. ch 1, [fphdc around fphdc, bphdc around bphdc] repeat around. Join. fasten off.



  1. So cute and I love the color change!

  2. I am anxious to try this pattern. It looks like it could be a boot cuff or made a bit longer for a boot spat. I really like it!