Monday, August 4, 2014

Lots of Dots Free pattern 3-6 month

Lots of Dots
Hat pattern
3-6 Month

Materials used:
Venna’s choice yarn
H hook
Needle to weave in ends

Stitches used:
sc: single crochet
beg cl (beginning 3 dc cluster): ch 2, dc2tog in one space, ch 1.
cl (3 dc cluster): dc3tog in same space, ch 1.
Magic Circle
sp (space)

Special notes MUST READ! Always join to top of cl and sl st to ch 1 sp then go on with the pattern until row 10.
**REMEMBER** under stitches used beg. cl and cl both are ch 1 after each cl.
*each “space” is the ch 1.

  1. Magic circle, beg cl, cl 4 more times in circle. Pull tight and join (look under special notes)
  2. beg cl, cl in same sp, 2 cl in each sp. join.
  3. beg cl, *2 cl in next sp, 1 cl* repeat around to end. join.
  4. beg cl, cl in next st *2 cl, 1 cl in next 2* repeat around. join
  5. beg cl, cl in next 2 *2 cl, 1 cl in next 3 sp* repeat around. join
  6. beg cl, cl in each sp around. join
  7. -  9 repeat #6
   10.  ch 1 *sc in top of cl, 1 sc in ch 1 sp* repeat around. join.
   11. ch 1, sc in same space as join and each around.

                                 Fasten off!