Monday, September 7, 2015

Crochet Twisty Top Boot Cuff Pattern.. 5 sizes!

 How about a boot cuff pattern that don't slip when you wear it and also a boot cuff pattern you can make as a mommy & daughter set? Yeah your in the right spot! I love designing things that not only look cute but also very functional. Being a mom to 4 I am always going and pulling up boot cuffs every 5 minutes is enough to drive me nuts. So I made these to go along with my Twisty Top beanie I designed and published a week or so ago. Whats awesome about these boot cuffs is that you have 5 sizes to choose from! Yes I said that and you read that right, 5 sizes toddler to adult large. Not all woman are alike and have the same body type. Im on the medium size and not all boot cuffs I have made fit right. I like the idea that you can wear jeans or leggings it don't matter they still look cute! Dress them up with pretty ribbon or dress them down and leave it off, let the spiral show its curves. They work great for mommy & me matching accessories, either for your self or a family member or a friend. They stay in place with out the slouching down and with the ribbon you can even tighten it up if need be. Each size was tested and tried on, Fits great!!

*my amazing (almost 11 year old) step son took the pics! Yes that is me and he did a AWESOME job! Even tho I told him only take pics of the waist down to show the boot cuffs he snapped this one. He loves the camera and playing with it*

 I'm so excited to release this new pattern! I am not going to lie, last week we had a cool 70 degree day so of course I got out my boots and slipped these on! During the chilly months you will find me with leggings more than anything else and I always have boots on. I LOVE being comfy and being cute. While out and about I got complements about how cute they where with the ribbon and I did such a great job. I appreciate when I get complemented, it makes me feel that I have done something right.
  Like all my paid patterns I work hard to make sure they are easy to read, lots of notes that are useful for the patterns. With out my testers I turn too (new and one's Ive counted on numerous times) my patterns wouldn't be this good. I take a lot of pride in my patterns and I make sure that they are as close to perfect before I list them. Sometimes that may be 2-4 times before getting it right but well worth it when I see finished items. It always makes me feel great to see others use my patterns and share patterns with me!
  I'm sitting here at my computer getting geared up for this week, I am writing in my blog planner trying to get organized. I will be sharing some easy, quick and saving money tips for in the kitchen this week. I am over joyed with what I have put together! So much is going on this week and to think it is only Monday!
  I hope you all enjoy this pattern as much as I do!

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