Saturday, September 12, 2015

Prepare 4 crock pot freezer meals in a hour and a half and feed a family of 6!

  It's that time again, kids are in school and we are trying to figure out a good hearty meal for them that does not require to much time and effort. We have homework, chores and sports. Where are we finding time to get a good meal? I found myself buying A-LOT of junk to feed them and going out to eat. I have always seen people posting about these "Super easy freezer meals, under __ hours. I had a real hard time believing that. My household size is not a normal size. I don't know a whole bunch of people with 4 kids.. So I was a skeptic for sure! I figured that it would take longer to double everything. Here I am telling you it IS that easy! 

  While thinking of meals and digging around on Pinterest I had to remember that all these meals have to be "Mike Approved" Seriously.. he is PICKY! Worse than a toddler, no joke. His list of likes is way shorter than this likes. Cooking for him can be difficult at times. I came up with 4 crockpot meals that where completely mixed in the bags (No extra dishes to wash, WINNING!!). I tried to get out as much air as I could when each meal was finished. I would suggest that you fold down the sides of your bags and hold on tight so you don't spill. You can use a dish to sir the wet stuff but me.. well call me lazy or what ever the more dishes that don't pile up in my sink or on my counter is a blessing!

  I waited until now to post this (friends and family that are on facebook, this is for you!). I have had numerous people asking for recipes and finding what I am doing a great Idea. This (soon to be) past week Sep. 7th to Sep. 10th (Mon-Thur) my family has had crockpot meals all of them came right from the freezer to the crockpot. That simple.

Simply empty the contents in the crockpot! You may have to tear one side completely open, I did with all of them. Easy clean up and we had left overs all week except for Beef Tips and Gravy night, I didn't even think about taking pics before I handed out bowls but everyone was excited to eat. The kids would all come home saying how good the house smelled. I take pride in that, they are my biggest fans :)

This is my amazing family!

 I have enjoyed cooking these meals.This opened up time for me to get a few things done around the house and work on some new patterns that I will be releasing soon. I feel like I have accomplished quite about with getting my blog planner organized, a few patterns written and tested and enjoyed every minute! I can't believe that tomorrow is Sunday, That is why this one is being finished right now :)

A basic beanie pattern I worked up (Soon to be released) 
I'm working on a order and this is what I came up with!
I love these colors together <3
I will be adding a ton more!
Any questions, email or message me I'd be happy to help

  I hope you guys believe me when I say it is SO worth it! Taking a day (mine was Saturday) and sit in the kitchen for a short while to prepare your meals so your house can still have a healthy, cheap and easy meal.

  I did it again for this weeks meals. I'm so excited! My facebook friends know that I went out on a limb and bought a Foodsaver system and I found out NO do not mix the wet stuff in with the bag. It could get a bit messy. Other than that I am LOVING it!! Mike even helped in the kitchen today, helping with bagging and cutting up the meat. Honestly I think some of it has to do with him getting to play with it.. I was so happy to have him there with me.

  Are you ready to make your grocery list?

Lets start

1. Sit down either by yourself or with your significant other. I made a list of a few things I seen on pintrest that looked good but I had ideas on how to make it "Mike approved".

2. Write down all ingredients that you will need, don't forget freezer bags!
**You will need 4 gallon size freezer zip lock baggies**

3. Come home and start separating your items. I like to organize mine, meats, seasonings, veggies, recipes, etc. 

Scroll down for beef tips and gravy


Beef tips and gravy

 -3 LBS of stew meat (helpful hint: buying the long already cut up strips are cheaper than buying all the meat cut up. It took me all of 2 minutes to cut chunks up and remember they fall apart in the crockpot)
-2 cans cream of mushroom soup (he didn't even know that was in there. He is NOT a mushroom guy)
-4 pkg of powder gravy mix
-1 cup water
-half of a large onion chopped up (I used onion powder mike does NOT like onions either lol)
-Rice, pasta or mashed potatoes you choose!
Mix the cream of mushroom soup, brown gravy mix & water
right in the bag. I folded down the sides and held on to make sure I 
didn't spill it (the less dishes the better right?)

add the gravy, cream of mushroom soup water to the bag, mix together and add the rest. Get out as much air as you can and seal it.

Cook on low 7-8 hours serve over pasta, rice or mashed potatoes (all of them are YUMMY)


Chicken Fajitas
-4 boneless skinless chicken breast
-1 green pepper
-1 red pepper 
-1 large onion sliced in half to make strips 
-2pkg of fajita seasoning 
Mix all together in the bag. Push out as much air as you can and seal

 Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 6-8


Hearty beef & cabbage soup
Not Mike approved
-1 LB of hamburger (set aside in a seperate baggie. This will have to be cooked on the stove before you add it to the crockpot)
-4 dashes of garlic salt
-4 dashes of garlic powder
-your preferred amount of black pepper
-1/2 of a large onion chopped up
-2 cans of diced tomatoes 
-1 can of water
-4t of better than bouion (or 4 beef cubes, I like the better than bouion)

add all ingredents to the bag (besides the meat). Push out as much air as you can, seal closed.

Cook on low for 6-8 hours 


Chicken and Gravy
-4 chicken breast (can be seasoned with garlic salt, onion powder etc)
-1 large can of cream of chicken soup 
-1 cup of water
-4 pkg of powder chicken gravy
This picture is to show how I shredded my chicken, two forks and a bowl. It's a faster way for me to do it.

cook on low for 7-8 hours


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