Tuesday, September 1, 2015

School's in session! Try this granola bar recipe super simple 4 ingredients!!

Homemade granola bars!
  I am sure just about everyone has sent there kids off to school by now. Today was my kids first day of school and they where EXCITED! Quite honestly I was excited about the piece and quite, the non-stop yelling and tattling ALL.THE.TIME. Yes, I am not ashamed to admit it! 4 kids, confide in a small space and not much outside area is not a good combo. We have went here and there, did some fun things but Ashlynn spent weeks sick. Her counts where down so much that she barely left the house to reduce the risk of infection or another virus.. So school is a blessing right now. I am also trying to get up on house work today and got a little accomplished! Something that hasn't happened in a while because I have 4 tornado's that are constantly rolling through my house.

  I have been stuck to pintrest trying to come up with different snack idea. I give them a snack when they come home from school and I guess we have to send "good, healthy snacks" to school for snack time. Like I said.. 4 kids! Im a stay at home mom and I need to find ways to spend less on snack items and I want them to be healthy ones! What's healthier than home made snacks, not just something with junk in it but something that is GOOD?

I used a cake pan
   ONLY 4 INGREDIENTS, quick cooking oats, butter, sweetened condensed milk and M&M's! Its $8.10 for all 4 things on the list if you don't have any ingredients. If you do, even cheaper! I just did the math, figured out how much I spent ONLY on what I used (not the extra oatmeal, stick of butter and the M&M's I didn't use) I spent $2.78 to make 15 bars; thats $0.19 EACH!! I'm saving money and my kids are eating good.
Finished! Cut and cooling
Bagged and in the snack bucket! Ready for snack at school or lunch.

 Much trial and errors happen in my kitchen and these.. done so quick! 

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